Turnkey Training

Course size will be limited to 5 students to allow plenty of time for individual attention.

We would like to invite you to consider one of our ‘all inclusive packages‘ that includes lunches, all equipment, ammunition and firearms.

Many are under the impression that it is not possible to get the same level of firearms training in Canada that would be available in the U. S.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether out of country, or in country, these programs are ideal to cover a lot of training in a compressed period of time.

Advanced rifle, shotgun and pistol courses are available along with courses on the fundamental skills required.  The one limiting factor is the 10 round capacity plus one in the chamber.  But as someone once said ”if you can’t get’ er done with 10 then you probably can’t with more”. 🙄

It’s a great opportunity to see the beautiful Canadian countryside and participate in 5 full days of firearms training with highly qualified instructors.   Training will be conducted at our multiple range facility near Madoc, Ontario. Another concern with out of country training is the border crossing issue.   For those who wish to go through the hoops, it is possible to bring your firearms into Canada – However, CQB Firearms Training makes it easy.

We supply the equipment including Glock’s, M &P’s, XD’s, rifles and pump action shotguns.  All the accessories are included for these shooting systems.   Essentially we want to eliminate all the hassles involved in cross-border firearms transport.  Your only requirement is a passport and second piece of identification.  Local accommodation can be arranged at your request.

For Student Feedback

Turnkey Package  – 5 days

  • 3 days – Fundamentals of pistol shooting including concealed carry
  • 1 Day – Pistol 101
  • 1 Day – Shotgun 101
  • Enrollment limited to 2 students.

(Note:  Current Canadian exchange rates are very favourable at this point in time.)