What Our Students Think!!


From:  B.L. (‘returning student’)    “Morning David –   Just wanted to thank you again for the great course. It is obvious by your delivery and coaching throughout the class, that you truly have a passion for teaching firearms safety. Keep your gun pointing down range in the safety  – Brian

Range Safety Officer

From: M.K. (‘new student’)     “Hi David – It was a great course you put on today.
Cheers, MK

Turnkey Training

From: K.H. (‘beginner student’)     “Thank you CQB Professional Firearms Training for your Turn-Key Training Course. The course provided me with the basic fundamentals to build upon for consistency for firearms safety, accuracy and speed. My instructor was David Burke, who is an expert and is proficient in firearms instruction. David provided critical quality inspection of every drill we trained, in order to advance our skills to a level of competence, self control, and good judgement.

I highly recommend CQB Professional Firearms Training for beginners. As a beginner myself, I appreciated all of the patience, and the well of information provided by David Burke for any and all questions asked. CQB Professional Firearms Training also offers other courses for potential advancement in firearms competencies. I am looking forward to my next course with CQB Professional Firearms Training in the near future.”

From V.X.  (‘firearms novice’)     “As a novice to firearms, the turnkey training that I completed equipped me well to enter this new world as a first step.

With an emphasis on pistol shooting in both competition and real-world settings, David’s extensive experiences & knowledge truly set me on the right path from day-1. After the course, I am able to perform drawing & shooting from the holster, shooting from the holster at waist level with another arm as a cover, and improve my shooting accuracy drastically. The pistol training put the foundations in for the Rifle & Shotgun training in the following two days; David provided a variety of types of rifles and shotguns (and the corresponding bullets), to make sure that we could be familiar with them on both dry & live firings.

David not only covered firearm knowledge but also on topics including home securities, first-aids, hunting tips, and self-defences, which made the turnkey course highly valuable.

Lastly, the drive to the range from Toronto was quite calm & scenic, thoroughly enjoyed it. The motel that David booked us in is right on the Stocco Lake, clean room & quiet block, perfect for resting after a day’s training.  Overall it felt like a great vacation choice with the bonus of acquiring valuable skills”



Dominion of Canada Rifle Association

45 Shirley Blvd.
Nepean, Ontario K2K 2W6
“This letter is to outline the outstanding work that Mr David Burke has done for the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) over the past 18 months.

In 2008, Mr Burke was engaged by the DCRA as part of our bid to run the 2008 Canadian Forces Small Arms Concentration (CFSAC). He was quick to assemble a team of range safety officers that were both known and unknown to him.

...

Once assembled he effortlessly put together and ran a comprehensive training programme for the range officers to prepare them for the course of fire that was associated with the CFSAC competitions.  Throughout the course of the matches he not only ensured that they ran smoothly, but he was very conscientious about ensuring open communication with me during the matches, which lasted almost 3 weeks.

This year David will organize the pistol matches for our National Service Conditions Championships (NSCC) in a course of fire that he has designed for the DCRA. It promises to be a new and interesting set of matches for the DCRA’s annual NSCC competitions. I would not hesitate to recommend David for further leadership roles involving the operation of pistol matches. He is a team player, and a consummate professional who has lots of experience in shooting sports.

Should you have any further questions about David please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Aaron Daley, Secretary-Treasurer
Tel: 613-829-8281
E-mail: office@dcra.ca


P 780 572 3246
C 780 901 5141
T 877 367 9381
F 877 402 0514

On behalf of 3ECHO Protection Group Ltd, Shane Smith and Andrew Van Leeuwen, I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding efforts and results of CQB Training Associates and David Burke, Instructor. As a participant and graduate of both the five day armed guard training course and train the trainer module, I can say without a doubt, the training exceeded my expectations. David tailored the course around time constraints and student experience level. The courses were well prepared and well presented.

...

As an experienced armed guard, I have attended multiple training courses similar to the five day pistol course. I can say without a doubt that David’s course was by far the most informative and rewarding example of firearm training I have experienced. I will also make particular reference to the practical shooting component. The practical component was head and shoulders above expectations, exceeding any practical firearms training I have ever received. The curriculum was geared toward practical skills development as well as combat survival, which was surprisingly unique, and appreciated.

I can recommend CQB Training associates to any organization serious about firearm training and survival. Again, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to David and CQB Training Associates for their fine work.”

Shane Smith, President
3ECHO Protection Group Ltd
P 780 572 3246
C 780 901 5141
T 877 367 9381
F 877 402 0514

OntarioMinistry of Community Safety & Correctional Services
Chief Firearms Office
Orillia, Ontario

“I‘ve got nothing but good feedback on the courses you gave so we greatly appreciate the time and effort you took.”
– Geoff Fletcher

Just a short note to say thank you to you and the guys who made the competition so enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you again next year.”
– Albie Fox, RAF Captain