PAL Courses

THE BIG NEWS is that effective August 14th we will now be able to conduct firearm licensing courses (CFSC and CRFSC) in eastern Ontario. We will be starting our first new course September 12th & 13th of this year.

Due to COVID protocols which will all be in place we are restricting course enrollment to 6 candidates . We will be accepting applications for the back-to-back CFSC and CRFSC only for the next two courses.

We have a long list of people wishing to obtain their licensing so we encourage you to request your registration forms and get your fees in early.

Intro to Firearms:

We are planning to run this one day course on Saturday, August 22. See course description under Recreational Courses.


Since June 13 we are running all of our courses, but restricting attendance to a limit of 9 attendees and the instructor. We continue to follow all the corvid protocols.

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