With the new year we are pleased to introduce a new service under the CQB banner,


For the past 12 years I have been actively involved in the security industry as an ATC trainer, security consultant and participant in both static armed security and armed cash and transit.

With this background and the current economic climate it seemed like an ideal time to provide hands on protection for real estate property.    Break ins and thefts are increasing at a dramatic rate.  Break- ins in Ottawa are reported to have increased 70% since the initial lock down.   While we don’t have stats for all areas it seems reasonable to assume that this is fairly consistent throughout the province.

Whether it’s a cottage or your primary residence it likely represents one of your largest assets.  It makes sense to utilize the added protection our service can provide.

Our basic service provides weekly property checks.  This includes a perimeter walk around check of doors and windows for signs of intrusion, look for tracks in winter and a scan of any outbuildings.  Property conditions are considered and if maintenance is required owner is advised.  Police will be advised of any sign of forced entry.   A digital report will be provided for each visit.   All visits are made by uniformed staff who are licensed and insured.  Vehicles are marked.   The basic service includes a sign or window sticker indicating the property is protected by RSS.

While this service does not provide 7/24 coverage it does give thieves pause to consider as these checks are done on a random basis.   Most break in criminals are looking for easy targets, your added efforts will discourage them.

Additional services can include more frequent checks.   We can also provide 7/24 coverage, property management, and personal checks for shut-ins.

For questions or inquiries about additional services please call at 647-504-9834.