Good News!!

As you may know the province has seen fit to allow shooting ranges to open for outdoor activities.  Following all the appropriate protocols, we will be offering one day classes in outdoor (on the range) venues.

Depending on enrollment we will be offering classes on the following topics:

  • Intro to Firearms
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Holster Certification
  • Shotgun 101
  • Rifle 101
  • Pistol Advanced
  • Security Guard Advanced

With the exception of ‘Range Safety Officer’, course fees will be $189.00 and courses will be limited to maximum of 4 students and a minimum of 3.

With the limited enrollment there will be ample opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the instructor.

Please check the calendar for dates.   In the meantime feel free to contact us expressing your interest in one or more of the courses.   We will update you as soon as we post a schedule.

Take care and stay safe.


New Course Protocols

Until provincial guidelines are changed the maximum number of participants will be limited to three attendees.  Three students and 1 instructor.   All students will be asked to maintain social distancing, 6 feet minimum, wear face masks and observe hand sanitizing.  We would ask everyone to avoid handling any one else’s gear or clothing.   If you don’t feel well please stay home.

Most of the above protocols are a requirement of the range management and part are ours as an abundance of caution.  We are concerned about the safety of those who attend as well as the continued health of the instructor.

Thank you to all for your attention to the above.

Tentative schedule to be published shortly.

Take care – David Burke