Borden Holster Certification Course

Borden Holster Certification Course Nov 04/18

Spent an enjoyable and productive day at the Base Bordon Range guiding a group of RCMI pistol shooters through the mechanics and skills of action shooting .

The group was very responsive and receptive to the course material and performed exceptionally well in the practical aspects of the course.   The range facility was excellent and the lunch outstanding, one of the club members provided it, sorry I missed her name.   We had the added benefit of excellent assistance from Ian Rankin and Bruce Boyden.

Testimonials & Comments

Thought it was a good mix of classroom, dry practice, and range practice.  I also thought that Dave was an interesting speaker.  The individual review of each shooter’s technique in the classroom was a very good idea.

The range portion could have been a little more efficient if everyone had 4 mags (to reduce the number breaks for reloading.


The quality and the level of the course was very good.  The knowledge and experience of the instructor was excellent.


The three of us  talked about it and we  agreed that we now have a greater confidence  using a holster.  The gradual progression and the culmination of it with the very quick draw and shoot at the later stages was a great boost to showcase these new found skill levels.

The day went quicker than i thought and the amount of ammo seemed like a thousand rounds due to the shooting scenarios.  The minimal wasting of time between scenarios keeps you thinking and fresh.

The only thing I can think of would be setting up cones at the various distances to help speed things up.

Please pass our appreciation to Dave for upping our skill levels on holster use.


My suggestion would be to spend less time on holster (enough to assure instructor that class is safe) and more on rules, practice and process eg speed and movement related specifically to IDPA.

It was a wonderful day, thank you so much for organizing it for us.

I now have a lot more confidence when using a holster.


Perhaps a bit more scoring would be nice.  That way you can do one of the scenarios and score it at the beginning of the shoot and then do the same scenario at the end of the day to see how much you’ve improved throughout the day.


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