… and so it begins ….

Given the current situation we have identified some areas where those who are interested in furthering their firearms skills and experience can participate following all the current social guidelines.

We have established a ZOOM account where folks can log in to a designated session where they can observe and interact both physically and verbally with the instructor.  Students can actually demonstrate procedures and receive feedback.   An example would be someone demonstrating ACTS/PROVE and the instructor providing feedback.   Even other participants in the session could provide constructive feedback.    All that is required is a computer and an internet account.

What this allows us to do is cover the classroom portion of all our courses and then move on to some actual remote participation in various drills.

We are prepared to go on a shotgun course now and preparing to do pistol rifle courses online in the near future.
For more details, fees, times, and equipment required, please contact us at (647) 504-9834 or email us at info@cqb-training.com

Meanwhile – please stay safe and healthy.
All the best,  David Burke

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