Available Accommodation in the CQB Training Area

The following accommodation facilities are listed in according to their distance from our training facility and the range.

The Unconvential Moose    

Distance:            Approx 5 minutes

Rates:                    Single room       $79.00  1 bed       (1 or 2)

Double                 $89.00  2 beds    (2 or 3)    $40.00 per person per night


Review:               Closest to the training facilities, clean accommodation, only 2 room available.

Location:             108575 Hwy # 7 Tweed ON K0K 3J0

Contact:              (613) 478.2562


The Park Place Motel

Distance:             Approx 10 min

Rates:                   2 double beds  (shared accommodation for 2) $85

Review:               Convenient location, clean, walking distance to stores, restaurants etc.

Location:             43 Victoria S. Tweed ON

Contact:              613-478-3134

Madoc Motel

Distance:             Approx 10 min

Rates:                   Single $55.00 at last review

Review:                              Clean & basic

Location:             Hwy 62 just south of Hwy 7

Contact:              (613) 473-0261


Spotted Dog B &B

Distance:             Approx 10 min

Rates:                   Single $60, Double $80.00,  Triple $100.00

Rooms    1/         1 Queen 1Twin    2 people shared accommodation   $40.00 ea

Rooms  2/          1 Queen                 single

Room    3/          1 queen 2 Twins    3 adults shared accommodation  $34.00 ea

Review:               Best rates based on shared accommodation and superb breakfasts

Location:             301 St Lawrence Street West  Madoc K0K 2K0

Contact:              613-473-2131    


Moonlight Motel

Distance:             Approx 42 min

Rates:                   Single, queen, $79.00

Double 2 queens $109.00  (Shared occupancy $54.00)

Review:               Clean newly constructed, spacious parking, longest distance from training facility

Location:             6160 Hwy 7E Havelock,ON K0L 1Z0

Contact:              (705) 778-3332



a/           based on at least 2 per room shared accommodation the daily cost is approx $40 or less.  4 nights works out to $160.00 plus tax or $180 all in.

b/           we suggest you book a double occupancy room as soon as you have confirmed dates for a course.   You can always cancel later.

c/           you can usually negotiate better rates in the off season

d/           for larger groups we may be able to negotiate a special group rate.

e/           all rates above are the location published rates.  Usually better rates can be established especially with longer stays

f/            the area is popular so we strongly recommend getting your bookings in early.

g/           there are other B&B’s and motels in the area which you may wish to check on.


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