Sep13 - 172021
236 Hunt Club Road,  Madoc, Ontario K0K 1K0

ATC (Authorization to Carry)

From 9:30 am until 5:00 pm

At Madoc Range

236 Hunt Club Road, Madoc, Ontario K0K 1K0

David Burke / E-mail: or 647-504-9834

New hire 5 day course in accordance with the CFO’s ATC (Authorization to Carry) program.

This course includes two days of class instruction via power point presentation, class discussion and hands on practical training. This is followed by a written exam with a mandatory 90% pass. The following three days are spent at the range in a combination of dry practice, live fire drills and discussion.

At the end of day three each candidate is expected to pass the Pistol Course of Fire.

All courses will run as long as we have 3 confirmed students with a maximum of 10. Course fees are $195 with the exception of Range Safety Officer which is $50.00 for club members

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