Advanced Pistol (day at the range)

236 Hunt Club Road  Madoc

Instruction, free practice and staged scenarios are part of the days activities.

From 09:30 am until 5:00 pm

At Madoc Range

236 Hunt Club Road Madoc

David Burke / Email: or (647) 504-9834

Holster certified or currently ATC Certified -  IF we don't know you - proof will be required.

While club members are welcome, this ay is primarily designed to provide shooting opportunities for those who don't have cub membership. 
Daily rate is $50.00 per person.  Minimum sign up is 4 and maximum is 12.
We do require advance notice of participation. 
This program is open to all Holster Certified Shooters including security with ATC’s, and Leo’s.  The day rate is $50.00  

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