COVID-19 & The Fire Arms Training Industry

I have been reluctant to write this communique for some time. Partially because the immediate future is somewhat uncertain and also because on a personal basis I have had mixed reactions to both the situation and steps taken to address it.

First of all I hope this finds all of you in good health and as much as possible enjoying the enforced time off. In my opinion on a purely statistical basis the likelihood of contacting the virus is very small. That doesn’t for a moment suggest ignoring any of the health warnings; avoid unnecessary travel, stay home, maintain safe distance from others, wash hands frequently. I know you’ve heard it all before so it’s just a reminder.

ATC Courses

ATC Courses and Re-Qualification are now considered essential services. We are able to secure range time based on a maximum three participants plus the instructor and based on operating with all the COVID Protocols.   As you are no doubt aware all ranges have been closed as they are considered to be non essential services.

CFSC & CRFSC (PAL) Courses

All CFSC and CRFSC courses have been cancelled. Based on number of inquiries there will be a huge demand for these courses once the bans are lifted. My suggestion would be to contact us now if you have an interest in either of these courses. We will add your name to the list in priority based on when received. Once we are able to schedule courses we will contact you to determine your desired location, dates and method of payment. We anticipate doing courses in either Madoc or Peterborough. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO COMMITMENT.

Club Level Courses

As indicated above we will resume when the bans are lifted. We encourage everyone to indicate interests so we can better plan when the time is right.

Please reach out to us to discuss any issues or concerns you may have. In the meantime stay healthy, safe and in good spirits.
David Burke, Chief Instructor (647)504-9834