General Info

Hello all,

We are nearing the end of our training schedule for this year.  We will soon have our new schedule available.  Shortly we will have the site organized so that all candidates may automatically book for any of our courses.   Course fees will be available on each course description.   If enrollment is not sufficient for any given course we will add those applicants to the next following scheduled course.   All applicants will be advised in advance for any re-scheduling.

Many of our students have asked about the availability of private instruction.   We are pleased to advise that we can provide private instruction for all of our courses.  We can also provide weekday training for individuals and small groups.

Just give us a call or send an email to see what can be arranged.

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Available Accommodation in the CQB Training Area


The following accommodation facilities are listed in according to their distance from our training facility and the range.

The Unconvential Moose    

Distance:            Approx 5 minutes

Rates:                    Single room       $79.00  1 bed       (1 or 2)

Double                 $89.00  2 beds    (2 or 3)    $40.00 per person per night


Review:               Closest to the training facilities, clean accommodation, only 2 room available.

Location:             108575 Hwy # 7 Tweed ON K0K 3J0

Contact:              (613) 478.2562


The Park Place Motel

Distance:             Approx 10 min

Rates:                   2 double beds  (shared accommodation for 2) $85

Review:               Convenient location, clean, walking distance to stores, restaurants etc.

Location:             43 Victoria S. Tweed ON

Contact:              613-478-3134

Madoc Motel

Distance:             Approx 10 min

Rates:                   Single $55.00 at last review

Review:                              Clean & basic

Location:             Hwy 62 just south of Hwy 7

Contact:              (613) 473-0261


Spotted Dog B &B

Distance:             Approx 10 min

Rates:                   Single $60, Double $80.00,  Triple $100.00

Rooms    1/         1 Queen 1Twin    2 people shared accommodation   $40.00 ea

Rooms  2/          1 Queen                 single

Room    3/          1 queen 2 Twins    3 adults shared accommodation  $34.00 ea

Review:               Best rates based on shared accommodation and superb breakfasts

Location:             301 St Lawrence Street West  Madoc K0K 2K0

Contact:              613-473-2131    


Moonlight Motel

Distance:             Approx 42 min

Rates:                   Single, queen, $79.00

Double 2 queens $109.00  (Shared occupancy $54.00)

Review:               Clean newly constructed, spacious parking, longest distance from training facility

Location:             6160 Hwy 7E Havelock,ON K0L 1Z0

Contact:              (705) 778-3332




a/           based on at least 2 per room shared accommodation the daily cost is approx $40 or less.  4 nights works out to $160.00 plus tax or $180 all in.

b/           we suggest you book a double occupancy room as soon as you have confirmed dates for a course.   You can always cancel later.

c/           you can usually negotiate better rates in the off season

d/           for larger groups we may be able to negotiate a special group rate.

e/           all rates above are the location published rates.  Usually better rates can be established especially with longer stays

f/            the area is popular so we strongly recommend getting your bookings in early.

g/           there are other B&B’s and motels in the area which you may wish to check on.






Courses Schedule

Course Schedule for CQB Firearms Training Associates

October 16th through December 31st, 2017

Holster Certification                                      Thursday 19th & Friday 20th October

Firearm Intro              cancelled                    Sa turday 21st 

Range Safety Officer                                       Saturday 21st  October

Combined Course      Tac Rifle/Shotgun       Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th   November

Range Safety Officer                                       Saturday 18th                          November

Class Training Center                                                 Sunday 19th                             November

Holster Certification                                      Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th   November


There are no further classes scheduled until beginning of year.   Individual or small group classes may be scheduled for week days up to November 30th.  For additional details please see web site or contact David at




CQB Training Announcement

A new beginning!

We are pleased to announce a brand new training classroom for all our courses.  The new classroom is conveniently located just five minutes from our range facility.  Opening date is November 1, 2017.  It will provide all the training tools and AV equipment for course presentations in a relaxed and peaceful environment.   The ideal setting for optimum learning.

While the location is a 2.5 to 3 hour distance from the Metro area, there are several offsetting features/benefits to consider.

a.  Readily available, economical accommodation

b. Ideal learning/training environment

c.  Distance from day-to-day issues providing a better opportunity for highly focused training

d.  Cost effective fee structure compares total course cost favorably to alternative training course fees.

e.  Range & classroom rentals are included in the reasonable course fees.

f.  Caliber of instruction produces the results clients are looking for.

Please note we are prepared to provide authorized instructors for   ATC courses at a range of your choice.   Under these circumstances it is the clients’ responsibility to arrange the details with the appropriate range.  CQB Firearms Training Associates is fully insured.