Good News!!

As you may know the province has seen fit to allow shooting ranges to open for outdoor activities.  Following all the appropriate protocols, we will be offering one day classes in outdoor (on the range) venues.

Depending on enrollment we will be offering classes on the following topics:

  • Intro to Firearms
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Holster Certification
  • Shotgun 101
  • Rifle 101
  • Pistol Advanced
  • Security Guard Advanced

With the exception of ‘Range Safety Officer’, course fees will be $189.00 and courses will be limited to maximum of 4 students and a minimum of 3.

With the limited enrollment there will be ample opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the instructor.

Please check the calendar for dates.   In the meantime feel free to contact us expressing your interest in one or more of the courses.   We will update you as soon as we post a schedule.

Take care and stay safe.


Breaking News!

FSESO has just advised us that by directive from the CFO all Pal courses are cancelled until at least July 26th, 2021..   We regret having to advise you on this information but unfortunately it is clearly beyond our control.

We hope to run a small course sometime after the 26th for those who have patiently stood by us during these troubling times.  Should those who have prepaid wish to receive their course fees returned , please advise –  we understand.

We wish you all health and prosperity.


With the new year we are pleased to introduce a new service under the CQB banner,


For the past 12 years I have been actively involved in the security industry as an ATC trainer, security consultant and participant in both static armed security and armed cash and transit.

With this background and the current economic climate it seemed like an ideal time to provide hands on protection for real estate property.    Break ins and thefts are increasing at a dramatic rate.  Break- ins in Ottawa are reported to have increased 70% since the initial lock down.   While we don’t have stats for all areas it seems reasonable to assume that this is fairly consistent throughout the province.

Whether it’s a cottage or your primary residence it likely represents one of your largest assets.  It makes sense to utilize the added protection our service can provide.

Our basic service provides weekly property checks.  This includes a perimeter walk around check of doors and windows for signs of intrusion, look for tracks in winter and a scan of any outbuildings.  Property conditions are considered and if maintenance is required owner is advised.  Police will be advised of any sign of forced entry.   A digital report will be provided for each visit.   All visits are made by uniformed staff who are licensed and insured.  Vehicles are marked.   The basic service includes a sign or window sticker indicating the property is protected by RSS.

While this service does not provide 7/24 coverage it does give thieves pause to consider as these checks are done on a random basis.   Most break in criminals are looking for easy targets, your added efforts will discourage them.

Additional services can include more frequent checks.   We can also provide 7/24 coverage, property management, and personal checks for shut-ins.

For questions or inquiries about additional services please call at 647-504-9834.

New Course Protocols

Until provincial guidelines are changed the maximum number of participants will be limited to three attendees.  Three students and 1 instructor.   All students will be asked to maintain social distancing, 6 feet minimum, wear face masks and observe hand sanitizing.  We would ask everyone to avoid handling any one else’s gear or clothing.   If you don’t feel well please stay home.

Most of the above protocols are a requirement of the range management and part are ours as an abundance of caution.  We are concerned about the safety of those who attend as well as the continued health of the instructor.

Thank you to all for your attention to the above.

Tentative schedule to be published shortly.

Take care – David Burke

… and so it begins ….

We are planning to established a ZOOM account where folks can log in to a designated session where they can observe and interact both physically and verbally with the instructor.  Students can actually demonstrate procedures and receive feedback.   An example would be someone demonstrating ACTS/PROVE and the instructor providing feedback.   Even other participants in the session could provide constructive feedback.    All that is required is a computer and an internet account.

What this allows us to do is cover the classroom portion of certain courses.

We are prepared to go on a shotgun course now and preparing to do pistol rifle courses online in the near future.
For more details, fees, times, and equipment required, please contact us at (647) 504-9834 or email us at

Meanwhile – please stay safe and healthy.
All the best,  David Burke

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COVID-19 & The Fire Arms Training Industry

I have been reluctant to write this communique for some time. Partially because the immediate future is somewhat uncertain and also because on a personal basis I have had mixed reactions to both the situation and steps taken to address it.

First of all I hope this finds all of you in good health and as much as possible enjoying the enforced time off. In my opinion on a purely statistical basis the likelihood of contacting the virus is very small. That doesn’t for a moment suggest ignoring any of the health warnings; avoid unnecessary travel, stay home, maintain safe distance from others, wash hands frequently. I know you’ve heard it all before so it’s just a reminder.

ATC Courses

ATC Courses and Re-Qualification are now considered essential services. We are able to secure range time based on a maximum three participants plus the instructor and based on operating with all the COVID Protocols.   As you are no doubt aware all ranges have been closed as they are considered to be non essential services.

CFSC & CRFSC (PAL) Courses

All CFSC and CRFSC courses have been cancelled. Based on number of inquiries there will be a huge demand for these courses once the bans are lifted. My suggestion would be to contact us now if you have an interest in either of these courses. We will add your name to the list in priority based on when received. Once we are able to schedule courses we will contact you to determine your desired location, dates and method of payment. We anticipate doing courses in either Madoc or Peterborough. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO COMMITMENT.

Club Level Courses

As indicated above we will resume when the bans are lifted. We encourage everyone to indicate interests so we can better plan when the time is right.

Please reach out to us to discuss any issues or concerns you may have. In the meantime stay healthy, safe and in good spirits.
David Burke, Chief Instructor (647)504-9834

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New Plans…

Hello all,

Many of our students have asked about the availability of private instruction.   We are pleased to advise that we can provide private instruction for all of our courses.  We can also provide weekday training for individuals and small groups.

Just give us a call or send an email to see what can be arranged.

All the best